On Friday the first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming WWII epic Dunkirk dropped, showing us our first glimpses of the Dark Knight director’s first film since 2014’s Interstellar. But for some, Dunkirk is about something else entirely, because the film features the acting debut of One Direction’s Harry Styles.

Harry Styles filming DunkirkHarry Styles filming Dunkirk

As usual when anything vaguely One Direction-y happens, their army of fans were out in force on social media and on Friday they weren’t happy. After being teased with photos of Harry and his new short hair filming scenes from the movie, the heartthrob was nowhere to be found in the just under a minute long trailer.

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Harry’s co-stars, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, James D'Arcy and Kenneth Branagh were also not seen in the clip, but no one seemed to care too much about that. Instead of showcasing its stars, the tense trailer focused on setting the scene for the story of the historic 1940 evacuation of some 338,000 Allied troops.

On Twitter fans of Harry expressed their disappointment at not seeing him in the clip (in typical One Direction fan fashion of course). “I literally screamed "WHERE IS HARRY STYLES" during the Dunkirk trailer,” tweeted one fan. Another added: “#DunkirkTrailer are you kidding me? where is harry? if there is no harry, we don't need this trailer.”

Perhaps Harry’s pal DJ Nick Grimshaw put it best when he gave a warning to Christopher Nolan on his Radio One breakfast show Friday morning. “Christopher Nolan has obviously made some incredible films, some real epic films and giant sets and stuff,” he began.

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"I think the biggest challenge to date is gonna be the wrath of Harry Style's fans on Twitter. If he doesn't put him in enough, or puts him in too much, or there's a bad angle, he might never be able to work again. Nolan's life won't be worth living.” Well put Grimmy.

Watch the Dunkirk teaser below: