One Direction star Harry Styles has added some unexpected ink to his already sizeable collection of tattoos. Styles, along with the rest of the One Direction boys, played a game of ‘tattoo roulette’ live on James Corden’s ‘Late Late Show’ on Thursday with the looser getting inked on live tv.

harry stylesHarry Styles now has one more tattoo.

The ‘Deal Or No Deal’ style game saw each of the band members along with host Corden pick a red box, to see who would get the ink. Four of the boxes contained the word ‘safe’ while the other said ‘tattoo’.

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First to pick a box was Niall Horan, the only member of the band to not have any tattoos. Horan was understandably nervous as he made his choice, with Corden pointing out how much the 22 year old’s hands were shaking.

When each of the five had chosen their box it was time to find out who the unlucky one would be. First to open was Liam, who breathed a sigh of release when his box read safe. Then there was Louis who was also spared when he opened his.

Then it was Corden’s turn. The host had promised to get ‘1 D’ inked on his body if he’d lost, but luckily for the host he too was safe. With only two boxes left it was time for Harry to find out his fate, but the 21 year old didn't seem to mind at all when he was revealed to be the one getting the ink.

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Styles then proceeded to get ‘Late Late’ tattooed on his arm, where he already sports an impressive amount of ink. The show later tweeted out a picture of Harry’s new piece, with the caption, ‘Fresh ink for Mr Harry Styles’.

Watch Harry Styles get tattooed live on ‘The Late Late Show’ here: