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31st March 2017

Fact: Harry Styles has confirmed his debut single will hit shelves on 7 April (17). The British singer usually keeps his social media posts to a minimum, but whipped fans into a frenzy when he posted the artwork for track Sign of the Times on his Instagram and Twitter profiles on Friday (31Mar17). His One Direction bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan have already had a stab at solo success, with new dad Liam Payne also working on his own music. Zayn Malik, who quit 1D in 2015, has enjoyed chart success with his solo offerings too.

30th September 2016

Quote: "I would never say we'll never do anything again, but it's good for us to be exploring different things. Maybe at some point everyone will want to do something again, but it's better if it happens naturally... If that were to happen it would be amazing. I would never rule that out. It's the most important, greatest thing that's ever happened to me, being in that band." Harry Styles refuses to rule out a One Direction reunion. The band announced a hiatus at the end of last year (15).

4th April 2016

Quote: "My most frustrating personal experience... was the 'friend'/distant relative at my grandma's funeral who was trying to bring in her granddaughter or niece or someone to have a picture with my brother. At a funeral. Our grandmother's funeral. 'Smh'' (shaking my head) doesn't really cover it... Some people might need to take a second and realise when behaviour just gets weird. You know who you are." Harry Styles' sister Gemma on her brother's oddest fan encounter.

19th January 2016

Tweet: "One of the greatest ever. He will be missed by so many. Rest in love and peace Mr. Frey." One Direction star Harry Styles pays tribute to Eagles star Glenn Frey, who passed away on Monday (18Jan16).

6th December 2015

Quote: "He's got it going on. I know him, he comes to see me in lots of shows. And yeah, I can see the influence. But I don't say anything to him, I just tell him he looks nice. I like him. He's very decent." Sir Mick Jagger is a big fan of One Direction star Harry Styles' wardrobe choices.

4th December 2015

Quote: "One of my grandchildren is here. Dylan, she's nine, and Harry was so kind and spent about 20 minutes talking to her. It was really great. He was so nice, and then she came over and I said, 'What did he say?' And she says, 'What's a pre-nup?' No, he was great with her. She's excited." Veteran comedian Billy Crystal jokes about introducing his young granddaughter to her pop idol, One Direction's Harry Styles, on Thursday (03Dec15), when they were among the guests on America's The Late Late Show with James Corden.

16th October 2015

Quote: "Perfect is, like, for sure a love song, but it's quite a spontaneous love song. It's not one about thinking through too much, being like, 'Hey, I want to be with you for the rest of my life...' It's, like, well, you know 'this could be fun'." Harry Styles dismisses rumours suggesting One Direction's new love song, Perfect, is all about his feelings for ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

22nd July 2015

Tweet: "We have been a band for five years and it is impossible to thank anyone enough for all the support they have given us over this time... All the crew that we have been so lucky to work with, and everyone who is behind the scenes, we thank you for everything that you do. To you who support us, in any way, thank you. We wouldn't be here without you. You did this and we thank you for having us. All the love." Harry Styles celebrated the fifth anniversary of One Direction's formation on Wednesday (22Jul15) by sharing his gratitude to everyone who has supported them over the years. He and his bandmates were first introduced as a group on U.K.'s The X Factor in 2010.

30th April 2015

Quote: "Yeah I got a text. I don't think it's bad press is it?" Ed Sheeran is adamant his friend Harry Styles was not upset with him for discussing the size of his manhood during a recent interview.

2nd January 2015

Tweet: "To everyone who has worked with us and supported us this year, thank you so much. We're incredibly grateful for everything you've done." Harry Styles sends out New Year's greetings to One Direction's aides and fans.

19th December 2014

Quote: "I'd like to do some ice skating again as well. I'm not very good at ice skating, but I'll give it a whirl." One Direction star Harry Styles is hoping to hit the Rockefeller Center ice skating rink in New York during his weekend in the city. The pop singer and his band will be the musical guests on this weekend's (20Dec14) Saturday Night Live, which is staged nearby.

30th November 2014

Tweet: "RIP Phil Hughes. What an incredibly sad day. Thinking of him and his family." One Direction star Harry Styles remembers the Australian cricketer, who died last week (ends28Nov14) after suffering a blow to the head from a cricket ball during a match.

22nd November 2014

Quote: "With a disguise, it's far too embarrassing if someone catches you wearing a disguise. It's not worth wearing a disguise. It's like, 'Is that you? Why are you wearing a moustache?'" Pop star Harry Styles insists he would never go out wearing a disguise.

21st November 2014

Quote: "I know nothing about the rumour but I don't know anything about the roses. I think it might have been someone else and I may have falsely taken (the credit)." One Direction star Harry Styles dismisses reports suggesting he sent ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift 1,989 red roses to congratulate her on the success of her new album 1989.

19th November 2014

Quote: "We all write from personal experience, so it would be hypocritical to say that she can't (do that) and she is very good at what she does... (and) I've been in some woods before." Harry Styles has no problems with ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift writing songs about him, and jokes about rumours her new track, Out of the Woods, is about their romance.

10th November 2014

Quote: "We always say that we write from personal experience and I think that everyone does. So, it would be hypocritical of us to be like, 'Oh, you can’t write songs.' And she's really good. They're good songs. So I'm lucky in that sense." Pop star Harry Styles does not mind if his rumoured ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift writes songs about him.

15th October 2014

Fact: The spot where One Direction star Harry Styles threw up on U.S. Route 101 near Calabasas, California on Sunday (12Oct14) has been memorialised by a devotee. Gabrielle Meredith has created a shrine to the singer to commemorate the place he vomited in. A banner over the 'hurl of fame' reads: "Harry Styles threw-up here 10-12-14"

18th September 2014

Tweet: "It’s impossible to listen to @KaceyMusgraves too much. Don’t tell anyone. Actually, tell everyone." One Direction star Harry Styles is a huge fan of the country singer.

18th September 2014

Fact: One Direction star Harry Styles turned heads at a Coldplay concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (17Sep14) when he arrived with actress Daniella Monet, prompting speculation the former Victorious star is the singer's new girlfriend. Chris Pine and Zoe Kravitz were also spotted together at the gig, as was Coldplay star Chris Martin's reported new girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence.

13th August 2014

Fact: Pop star Ariana Grande has confirmed her collaboration with One Direction singer Harry Styles on her upcoming album. Grande told Australian radio host Kent 'Smallzy' Small that the pair worked on a love song called A Little Bit Of Your Heart. It will appear on My Everything, which is released later this month (Aug14).

25th May 2014

Tweet: "Just saw Harry Styles having hair extensions put in." Lily Allen exposes the One Direction heartthrob's pre-gig style preparations as she tweets her backstage adventures from Radio 1's Big Weekend festival.

11th April 2014

Fact: A lucky One Direction fan was given a shock when she received a voicemail message from pop idol Harry Styles. Ellie Fitzgerald-Payne's parents were staying at a London hotel during a vacation when they bumped into the singer in the elevator and asked him to call their die-hard fan daughter. The 18-year-old was unable to answer the phone but was thrilled when she discovered she had a message from the pop star.

13th March 2014

Fact: Harry Styles was left stranded at the roadside in Los Angeles on Wednesday (12Mar14) after his motorbike broke down. The One Direction star was spotted looking distressed as he awaited a roadside recovery team to rescue him and his vehicle.

27th February 2014

Fact: One Direction star Harry Styles was named the Villain of the Year at London's NME Awards on Wednesday (26Feb14). The boyband singer beat Miley Cyrus and Russian President Vladimir Putin to claim the rock ceremony's shameful title for a second consecutive year.

19th February 2014

Fact: Actress Kristen Wiig channelled One Direction frontman Harry Styles on U.S. late night show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (18Feb14), when she performed his song What Makes You Beautiful while dressed like the pop star for an hilarious interview.

14th February 2014

Quote: "I can get quite soppy when it comes to girls, especially when I really like them... Touring is so hard and it's difficult to get to know someone in a day. You don't get enough time to meet somebody and say, 'I really like you. Do you want to come on the road for a bit?' We're rarely anywhere for even two days at the moment." One Direction star Harry Styles finds it difficult to maintain a relationship due to his band's hectic schedule. The 20 year old has been linked to Kim Kardashian's younger half-sister Kendall Jenner over the past few months.

10th January 2014

Quote: "The girls have turned to One Direction, and it's like they don't care about dad anymore. My four-year-old's going, 'Daddy, I like Harry.' And I'm like, 'Well, I'm gonna punch Harry in the nose when I see him.' She pulls out pictures of him, and she's hiding pictures in the room, and I pretend that I'm gonna rip them up and I get jealous. But if I see that little prick, he's gonna get it." Mark Wahlberg jokes about his daughters' obsession with One Direction's Harry Styles.

5th December 2013

Quote: "He stopped by to say hi when my kids and I were making pizzas. My kids were doing their own little pizzas and they couldn't slide them off the pan. Harry goes, 'Well, did you put down enough flour so they wouldn’t stick?' And my husband says, 'How in the world do you know that?' and my little girl chimes in,' Oh, he used to work for a bakery, Dad. Everyone knows that.'" Supermodel Cindy Crawford on inviting One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles to her house for an impromptu pizza-making party with her kids in September (13).

2nd December 2013

Tweet: "Thank you so much to everyone who bought the album, you're incredible. And we are nothing without you, I am very very happy today." One Direction star Harry Styles thanks fans for taking the group's new album to the top of the U.K. charts.

27th November 2013

Tweet: "Love the Doughnuts and Latkes. Just never understood the point of a dreidel." One Direction star Harry Styles marks the start of the Chanukah by revealing his confusion over the food linked to the Jewish holiday.

25th November 2013

Quote: "I'm single, but no one ever knows that. There was a picture of me the other day with my 'secret girlfriend'. I didn't see it, but my mum rang up because they'd used a photo of me and Gemma (his sister). She's not my girlfriend!" One Direction hunk Harry Styles laughs off rumours about his dating life.

25th November 2013

Quote: "It's very hard to have friends of the opposite sex. You go out with one person, you're automatically dating them." Reality Tv star Kendall Jenner laments the downside of having male friends in the public eye. She was spotted having dinner with One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles last week (20Nov13), but both have insisted they are just pals.

14th November 2013

Tweet: "My sister graduated today. She's all clever and that." One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles played a proud brother on Wednesday (13Nov13) as he watched his sister, Gemma Styles, graduate from Sheffield Hallam University in England.

16th October 2013

Quote: "Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the most beautiful woman in the world, probably. It's her face." One Direction star Harry Styles confesses his celebrity crush.

13th October 2013

Quote: "We do have a really good laugh if we're in a stupid mood. Once we jokingly decided to attack Paul, our tour manager. I was naked and thought it would be a quick fight but it took forever so I was stuck in a naked headlock for about ten minutes." One Direction star Harry Styles reveals how a prank her played on his tour manager went wrong.

4th October 2013

Quote: "He's the nicest guy. And he doesn't make me feel nervous, but when you have so much respect for someone... it's difficult not to." Harry Styles shares his respect for his musical icon, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

13th September 2013

Fact: British pop star Harry Styles shunned his luxury lifestyle on Thursday night (12Sep13) in favour of taking public transport. The One Direction hunk was photographed on the London Underground as he headed by train to Sir Elton John's iTunes Festival gig at the city's Roundhouse venue. He hit headlines at the show after the veteran rock icon cursed at the crowd for booing Styles.

27th August 2013

Quote: "We've never been a band that has lied about having girlfriends. If people have been gone out with before, we've always said that we have. So it wasn't like a thing that we kept back on purpose. Harry Styles of One Direction on why there was no mention of girlfriends in their movie This Is Us.

27th August 2013

Quote: "I like a joke as much as the next guy, so it's all good." One Direction star Harry Styles was far from upset when his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift poked fun at him during her MTV Video Music Awards acceptance speech for Best Female Video on Sunday night (25Aug13). The singer thanked him for inspiring her I Knew You Were Trouble hit, which won her the honour.

26th August 2013

Fact: Taylor Swift and her ex Harry Styles appear to have reconciled as friends as both posed for a picture with mutual pal Ed Sheeran at an MTV Video Music Awards party in New York on Sunday night (25Aug13). The couple split after a brief romance earlier this year (13) and sources suggested the break-up was far from amicable, but the former pair was at least on speaking terms at Robin Thicke's post-Vmas party in Brooklyn after Styles and his One Direction bandmates handed out the ceremony's first award for Best Pop Video to Swift's best pal Selena Gomez.

26th August 2013

Quote: "We knew before the papers knew, of course." Harry Styles knew of One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik's engagement to Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards before the media. The pop hunk proposed last weekend (18Aug13).

23rd August 2013

Quote: "It would be hypocritical for me to say she couldn't do it because everybody writes songs based on personal experience. I can't say I'd have dated someone less famous to avoid it... at least she's a great songwriter!" Harry Styles remains upbeat about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift writing tracks about their break-up.

23rd August 2013

Quote: "I stole soap from his bathroom. My friend told me, 'You have to take something.' So I apologise." One Direction star Harry Styles confesses to stealing from Johnny Depp when he visited the actor's mansion.

21st August 2013

Tweet: "Everyone who made yesterday happen thank you so much. It was so surreal, can't believe it. Greatest feeling ever, a strange one... But great." One Direction star Harry Styles thanks fans for turning out in London for the premiere of the band's documentary film.

19th August 2013

Quote: "My mum doesn't notice new ones unless they're on my hands. She was like, 'Oh what are you doing them on your hands for? What is it going to look like when you get married? No more on your hands please'." One Direction star Harry Styles admits his mother hates his tattoos.

16th August 2013

Quote: "I like nice people. If I dated a girl, and she was a fan, surely it would be a bonus." One Direction star Harry Styles would have no problem dating a fan.

11th August 2013

Tweet: "Thank you to every member of our crew. The shows don't happen without you. And the bits in between wouldn't be as funny. Thank you." One Direction star Harry Styles expresses his thanks to tour staff after wrapping up the North American leg of their world trek in Los Angeles on Saturday (10Aug13).

6th August 2013

Fact: British singer Ed Sheeran enjoyed a night out with One Direction star Harry Styles on Monday (05Aug13). He posted a picture of himself posing with Styles on his Instagram.com page. Styles was recently rumoured to have split from Sheeran's friend and tour mate Taylor Swift.

15th July 2013

Quote: "He is so cute but he needs a good wash and to get to bed early. That's what I'm going to tweet him: 'Harry, off to bed.'" Australian singer-turned-Tv star Dannii Minogue is adamant One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles is in dire need of a bath and an early night.

15th July 2013

Quote: "We wrote with Harry. It was a lot of fun. He's a real dude actually. We've no idea if those songs will make it yet, though. It's a long process. It's great to work with other people - it's good to flex the muscle." Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody reveals he has teamed up with One Direction star Harry Styles in the studio to write songs for the pop band's next album.

4th July 2013

Tweet: "This dude Johny Chestnut (sic) just ate 69 hotdogs in 10 minutes. I had 1 burrito in that time and I'm full." One Direction star Harry Styles is in awe of professional competitive eater Joey Chestnut after he broke his own record by gobbling down 69 hot dogs in New York's annual Fourth of July contest.

4th July 2013

Tweet: "Rubbish as usual". British pop star Gary Barlow dismisses rumours suggesting he is writing songs with One Direction's Harry Styles.

14th June 2013

Tweet: "Thank you so much for last night Ft Lauderdale (sic). You were the perfect way to start the tour, hope you had fun. Thanks or (for) having us." One Direction star Harry Styles thanked fans for turning out as the boy band kicked off its massive U.S. tour in Florida on Thursday night (13Jun13).

13th June 2013

Fact: One Direction star Harry Styles has paid tribute to George Michael in tattoo form after getting lyrics from the Wham! legend's hit track Careless Whisper inked on his ankles.

9th June 2013

Tweet: "Jet lag took over, I fell asleep on the floor in my clothes. A meter from the bed. So close." Pop star Harry Styles is struggling to get to bed after jetting around the world.

2nd June 2013

Fact: British pop star Harry Styles looked on as his mother Anne married her longtime partner on Saturday (01Jun13). The One Direction singer acted as best man for his new stepfather Robin Twist at the ceremony in Cheshire, England.

4th April 2013

Tweet: "Thanks to the girl who gave me some unnamed potato snacks while we're stuck in traffic." One Direction star Harry Styles receives a tasty gift from a fan during a traffic jam in the U.K.

10th March 2013

Fact: One Direction star Harry Styles has added to his growing tattoo collection - he's had a large butterfly inked onto his toned torso. It's the pop hunk's latest piece of skin art - he also has a large black heart and a ship on his arms and two birds drawn on his chest.

18th February 2013

Quote: "Oh it's fine. She's a great performer and she's always good on the stage... she's done it for a long time. She knows what she's doing on stage. It was just another good Taylor Swift performance. It was good." One Direction hunk Harry Styles shrugs off reports his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift mocked his British accent while performing her hit We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together at the Grammy Awards earlier this month (Feb13).

17th February 2013

Fact: One Direction star Harry Styles made one lucky fan's 18th birthday a night to remember after showing up at her party in Manchester, England, on Friday (15Feb13). The hunk sang Happy Birthday to Olivia MCKee, daughter of British entrepreneur Noel MCKee, and even gave her a kiss on the cheek at the private bash.

7th February 2013

Quote: "I'm probably going to be with my friends or rehearsing... I'll be like, working on the lighting rig and, like, the lighting cues." Taylor Swift, who recently split from One Direction hunk Harry Styles, has no big romance plans for St. Valentine's Day (14Feb13).

1st February 2013

Fact: British singer Ed Sheeran has a special tattoo connection to his friend Harry Styles. They went to a parlour together and opted for similar ink tributes to popular kids' Tv show Pingu.

2nd January 2013

Fact: Taylor Swift was photographed kissing her rumoured boyfriend Harry Styles when the clock struck midnight in New York City on New Year's Eve (31Dec12).

23rd December 2012

Fact: Taylor Swift and her rumoured new boyfriend Harry Styles have kicked off the festive season together by heading off on a pre-Christmas skiing trip. The blonde singer jetted off to Utah for a romantic break with the One Direction star and they were spotted hitting the slopes together at the Canyons Resort in Park City.

19th December 2012

Fact: One Direction star Harry Styles has added a new piece of skin art to his collection - a ship on his left arm. The British pop hunk headed to West Hollywood's Shamrock Tattoo Parlor on Tuesday (18Dec12) for the inking session and was supported by his rumoured girlfriend Taylor Swift.

14th December 2012

Fact: Bosses at soft drinks manufacturer Britvic are bringing out a limited edition bottle of their J2O in honour of celebrity couple Taylor Swift and Harry Styles after the British hunk recently treated his country star girlfriend to the fruity pop. Five thousand bottles of Berry In Love will be produced in time for Valentine's Day next year(14Feb13).

14th December 2012

Quote: "I just found out about this, yeah, on Twitter actually!... It's cute... I'm happy for them!" Carly Rae Jepsen was pleased to see news about rumoured couple Taylor Swift and One Direction star Harry Styles.

13th December 2012

Fact: Country star Taylor Swift had a 23rd birthday to remember on Thursday (13Dec12) - not only did she land a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Original Song for The Hunger Games' Safe and Sound, she also received 23 Custom Cupcake Company sweet treats from her rumoured boyfriend, One Director star Harry Styles. The pair is currently spending time together in his native England, reports UsMagazine.com.

1st December 2012

Quote: "Taylor honestly couldn't be a sweeter person. She's genuinely nice and extremely talented and she deserves everything she has." One Direction star Harry Styles fuels rumours he is dating singer Taylor Swift.

22nd November 2012

Quote: "That one actually wasn't one of (them) we were supposed to be recording. We went in to record a different one of his... and then (they) played it to us in the session when we were supposed to record something else and we said, 'Alright, we want to record that now.'" Singer Harry Styles reveals to MTV.com that British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran initially had no intention of giving One Direction the ballad Little Things.

13th November 2012

Tweet: "Soooo... I went to download our album this morning. And my card got declined. Hahaha!!" Pop star Harry Styles hits a stumbling block as he attempts to buy One Direction's latest album.

9th November 2012

Quote: "I did get some new tattoos! I got two swallows on my chest. I like that kind of style of tattoos, like the old sailor kind of tattoos. They symbolise traveling, and we travel a lot! It hurt... Anyone who says tattoos don't hurt is a liar." One Direction star Harry Styles has added to his growing body art collection with two bird designs on his chest.

7th September 2012

Quote: "It's just so surreal to see yourself in a plastic box. When we first got to see them, it was great... but it was a bit strange." One Direction star Harry Styles on the boy band's new Hasbro doll line, which will be released in stores in time for Christmas (12).

16th August 2012

Quote: "The fun part is the chase, so if you speak to me, play a bit hard to get. I think it's attractive when someone turns you down. You don't want someone to say yes straight away, do you?" One Direction hunk Harry Styles dishes out his top tips to women hoping to date him.

15th August 2012

Fact: One Direction hunk Harry Styles showed off his sense of humour on a day out in a London park last week (ends12Aug12) by donning an all-in-one suit with body muscles printed on it - giving the impression his skin had been stripped.

24th July 2012

Tweet: "Can't believe yesterday was two years since we've been together. Thank you guys for everything you've done for us since then. We love you." One Direction star Harry Styles thanks fans for their support following the second anniversary of their formation on The X Factor. The band got together on the show on 23 July, 2010.

16th July 2012

Quote: "It's funny following the One Direction phenomenon and what's happening with Harry Styles. Apparently he 'loves' a cougar - who turns out to be a woman aged 32. I just about qualify. I mean, I still feel a bit like a 17-year-old boy myself. I don't know if I'll ever feel any different." Pop star Pink jokes about teen One Direction star Harry Styles' reputation for attracting older women.

24th May 2012

Quote: "I definitely didn't punch anyone!" One Direction star Harry Styles addresses rumours suggesting he punched a paparazzo in the face at the Men in Black 3 premiere in New York on Wednesday (23May12).

18th April 2012

Quote: "We met in America, she's very nice, yes. She is very talented... She's very nice... We're friends." One Direction star Harry Styles dismisses speculation he is romancing singer Taylor Swift.

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