Hayley Williams never thought she was beautiful.

The Paramore star - who has developed a new web show 'Kiss-Off' in which she discusses music and beauty - has confessed she never saw herself as attractive growing up and only discovered make up during a trip to Japan with the band.

The 26-year-old star said: ''I never grew up thinking, 'Oh, I'm beautiful.' Maybe no one does, but I've never been someone who relied on my looks to do anything because that was never really something I thought I had to offer.

''By the time I came around and found make-up, I think we [Paramore] were in Japan and I really loved the way some of the girls looked coming out to the shows. I took some home and I started playing with it. My first eyeliner and eye colour was from Japan. I drew all over my eyes and did this weird cat thing on the inside corners and I realised I didn't have to use make-up to fit in.''

The 'Ain't It Fun' hitmaker - who got engaged to New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert last year - insists her show isn't just about make up tips and hopes to explore self expression by inviting different artists to feature in the videos and talk about their looks.

She told WWD: ''[The show] isn't about what colour looks good on your skin tone or how to make your lips look bigger or contour this or that. It's about what do you like and how can you express that and find out what your look is by trying new things.''