Hayley Williams will quit Paramore before she gets old.

The 25-year-old singer - who fronts the band, also made up of guitarist Taylor York, 24, and bass player Jeremy Davis, 29 - says the trio won't continue playing into their later life as she is more than happy to settle down and become a grandparent.

She told The Daily Star newspaper: ''I've always said I don't want to be a ghost of my former self.

''I always want to be the best at whatever I'm doing right then. So when I'm that old maybe I'll be better at something other than head banging and pulling muscles in my back. Maybe I'll just want to be a grandma.''

The group - who co-headlined Reading and Leeds Festival with fellow rock act Queens of the Stone Age over the weekend - also admitted they still find it difficult to come to terms with taking the top slot.

Hayley explained: ''I think we are a great live band. We work really hard to be. We are still such big fans of so many bands, big and small, that it's hard to imagine we are one of the ones who headline.''