Yikes, GoT fans! Was Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones even more shocking that the Red Wedding? Well, probably not for those that have the read the books, but for the rest of us Joffrey’s agonising death was quite the shocker. If not a total relief, his particular form of douchebaggery had become all too much to bear.

Tyrion Lannister GoTDid Uncle Tyrion kill Joffrey?

So, what actually happened? Humble show-watchers, as opposed to smug book-readers (c’mon, you guys all know you can be a little smug that you know what’s going to happen!), were stunned to see Joff’s uncle Tyrion bring him some wine to wash down his ‘dry’ wedding pie, only to see him writhing around on the floor a moment later. It was a pretty gruesome death by poisoning, Joffrey’s bloodshot eyes glazed over in slightly different directions, while his mother Cersei orders the guards to arrest a confused looking Tyrion.

Now, GoT book readers will already have some kind of idea about how Joffrey finally met his terrible end, but for the rest of us it’s anyone’s guess! Let’s look at the facts. Sat by Joffrey’s wedding table were his mother, Cersei, who we can probably count out, she's wicked, but fiercely protective of her children, and his brother Tommen, who seems like a genuinely nice little chap.

Next to them was his ex-betrothed, Sansa Stark, who’s father Joffrey murdered and whom he would regularly embarrass and generally abuse, but is Sansa a murderer? We think not. She’s not quite sly enough to carry out such a deed. Sansa’s husband, Tyrion, was sat by her side and seemed as stumped as everyone else to see his nephew fall to the ground. While Tyrion utterly dislikes his nephew, we doubt that he would kill him, particularly in such a public way.

Who’s left? Margaery Tyrell, Joffrey’s new wife, seemed all too excited about becoming queen to murder her husband as soon as they were married. She may have recognised what a monster he was, but we think that her ambition weighs out any moral obligation to off nasty King Joffrey. Also in attendance was the peeved Oberyn Martell, who’s pretty p*ssed that the Lannisters killed his sister during Robert’s Rebellion. But is Oberyn a poisoner? He seems more like the straight combat kind.

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke, in Game of Thrones

Olenna Tyrell, Margaery’s pretty smooth talking grandmother was also pretty active, giving her condolences to Sansa. But why would Olenna assist Margaery in becoming queen just to have her king immediately killed?

We may go mad with all the speculation, we’ll just have to wait until it all unravels on the show. Or go out to buy a book, we’re not sure we can wait that long.

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