It’s been a long and winding road for The Hangover. Long because it’s been going on for ages, and winding, because one of them was good, and two of them are rubbish. For that, we probably won’t miss it too much, but Heather Graham will.

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"I'm pretty boring in my real life. I don't really drink, I'm not that wild, so it's fun to play these wild characters on screen," explains Graham, bemoaning the fact that she can no longer play Jade, a stripper. "I get to be the only woman in the scene and it's fun." We can understand that, but considering Graham gets her kit off in nearly every film she’s in, we’re guessing she’ll be able to get some of that excitement in her next project, whatever it is. Someone else who might miss a decade of hangovers is Todd Phillips. "They roll out the red carpet for me in Vegas, sure. It's like that scene in Goodfellas where he walks into the Copa," he explained. Who wouldn’t miss that!?

The cast all got together for the last time for the premiere recently. Zach Galifianakis, who plays Alan in the films, described the reunion as “like riding a bike.” He said: "After the first one I was like 'let's leave well enough alone', but then there are other things to consider and I'm really glad we did a third one to really wrap things up".

Heather GrahamGraham leaves her hotel ahead of the Hangover III premiere

Zach Galifinakis
Zach Galifinakis leaves a swanky party in Chelsea, London