Actress Heather Graham sponsors five young children in Cambodia after she was inspired to act following an emotional trip to the country's impoverished capital.
The Hangover star has visited the city of Phnom Penh three times over the last nine years with charity organisation Cambodian Children's Fund, and Graham admits she was stunned by what she saw.
She tells InStyle magazine, "People are housed in shanties. They don't have plumbing or easy access to clean running water. The extreme poverty is overwhelming. Many kids have to work - their families are struggling financially, so they can't afford to lose a child's income... There's a lot of alcoholism and domestic violence in the area. Some even live in the school because their families can't take care of them."
The actress was so desperate to do her part to help the hundreds of at-risk kids, she offered to sponsor five lucky youngsters, so they can have access to food, education and medical care.
She says, "We write or email photos, and when I visit I take them out to eat or to a temple or an amusement park. This last trip I took the girls to buy dresses."