Heidi Klum says beauty ''comes down to common sense''.

The supermodel feels that the ''basics'' - including eating well and drinking lots of water - are the ''most important'' when it comes to a successful beauty routine.

She said: ''A lot of beauty comes down to common sense. I get bombarded with products from all over the world, and I love trying all of those different things, but for me, the basics are most important. When I eat well and keep hydrated I can see the difference in my face when I look in the mirror. You've got to look in the mirror and see if there is something up. That way, you know if you breakout it could be because of the garbage you ate. If you look dry and your skin doesn't snap back, you're not hydrated. If you just look at yourself and listen, you know what to do.''

And Heidi says one of her favourite beauty products is coconut oil, which can be bought in most supermarkets.

She added to Who What Wear: ''I love using just plain, old coconut oil that you get in the supermarket. Especially in Los Angeles right now, everything is so dry and I'm outside a lot. I love to lather up some coconut oil in my hair and on my body too. It's so inexpensive and it just makes everything feel so yummy and nourished. In general, I like going more towards the natural things instead of the sorts of products that are full of perfumes and astringents. I really love trying all of those things but very rarely do I actually stick with it. I'd rather use coconut oil.''