When it comes to Halloween costumes, nobody beats Heidi Klum. Each year with the help of artists and prosthetics, she thoroughly transforms into various unique guises and this year she's chosen a werewolf Michael Jackson from his hit video 'Thriller'. It's safe to say she completely nailed it.

Heidi Klum snapped at LAXHeidi Klum snapped at LAX

Apart from Dave Grohl's incarnation of David Letterman, Heidi Klum's MJ is probably the most thorough costume we've seen yet this year. Complete with a furry mask and prosthetics on her torso and hands, as well as an exact replica of Michael Jackson's outfit with his football jacket, she looked indistinguishable from the singer in the 1983 short film.

'Michael Jackson was always such an icon and the 'Thriller' video is such an iconic video and I was like, 'I have to redo that', Heidi told People. 'Obviously it's difficult because I can't dance like Michael Jackson. I don't think anyone can dance like Michael Jackson, but I tried my hardest.'

When you host such a important event like her 18th annual Halloween party, sponsored by Svedka Vodka and Party City and taking place in New York City's Moxy Times Square, you have no choice but to smash the competition. It was no picnic either; she sat in the make-up chair for most of the day to get the look down.

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'It takes a long time to lay the prosthetics but then putting it all together, it took seven hours', she confessed. 'It's always hard when you have contact lenses. I don't wear contact lenses so anything that goes in the eye... we had to do it a few times.'

Last year she took a break from all the hard work, and instead got five girlfriends to undergo a complete Heidi transformation so that they could all go as clones. She has also previously done Jessica Rabbit, a butterfly, an old woman, Cleopatra, the muscular system, an alien transformer, a raven and the Hindu goddess Kali - each more extravagant than the last.

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Previously, she teased that this year's outfit needed more of a rehearsal - perhaps because she was planning to do the 'Thriller' dance with her army of zombies. 'It's a bit more involved', she told Vanity Fair. 'I've gone already into the studio and rehearsed, and I'm going to have to do that two more times because what I have to do doesn't come super natural to me.'