This season of Project Runway has come to an end and the people have their champion. But even though only one eager designer could win, Stanley Hudson, Michelle Lesniak Franklin and Patricia Michaels each had their moment of glory last night, as they got to showcase their collections not just on any stage, but the Lincoln Center itself, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It came down to the wire, as each designer got to demonstrate their individual style. For Michelle, this meant designing for the “urban jungle” with subdued colors and classic, angular cuts. Patricia on the other hand, went for classically feminine looks with floral patterns and light, airy fabrics. Patricia was the contestant who had had the most trouble, but she managed to pull it off in the end. Finally, we had Stanley Hudson, who barely managed to pull his pieces together in the last minute. Unfortunately, his collection was also dubbed the least interesting out of all three, so all the effort was for naught.

But the burning question is who won? Do we need to warn you about the huge spoiler ahead? After some deliberation from the judges, Michaels was crowned as the winner and the one who had created “real clothing” and a “real fashion show”, whatever that means. But the women held this finale on lockdown and Franklin came in second, just as expected after the judges' comments.

Heidi Klum, America's Got Talent
Heidi Klum presided over the judging panel, which was escpecially nitpicky this time.