Heidi Montag is "thrilled" with her new body after she shed 22 lbs by making a series of simple diet changes.

'The Hills' star, 37, has revealed she slimmed down over the course of three months by cutting down on carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol and only allowing herself to eat bread once a day while she also hit the gym for hourly sessions five to seven times a week and started using a weight loss aid dietary supplement.

She told Us Weekly magazine: "I cut out a lot of carbs. I had bread once a day, and I cut down on sugar and alcohol. I also made sure to get a little bit more sleep, which is a big deal.

"I worked out five to seven times a week, only for an hour, because with mom life, that’s all I had. It’s a lot of weight training, which I continue to do. Squatting, pushups, pullups, ring rows, lunges — just your basic workout at a high, intense weight."

Heidi – mum to two children with her husband Spencer Pratt – insisted she's not really worried about looking slender, but wants to be "stronger".

She added: "Getting stronger was my main goal. I’m all about longevity and a sustainable health program. For me, it’s not about the weight, though; it’s about strength... ."

Heidi went on to insist she's happy with her weight and doesn't want to drop any more pounds. She concluded: "I don’t [want to lose any more weight.] I weigh 112 pounds.

"This is the weight my body is supposed to be. I wanted to get to a place where my body is at its peak performance and I’m able to work out a few times a week and eat comfortably in a healthy way. It’s sustaining itself naturally."