Heidi Montag refused to take "shortcuts" in her weight-loss journey.

The 37-year-old star has managed to drop 22lbs through a combination of hard work and healthy eating - rather than using Ozempic, the controversial weight-loss drug that's also used to treat diabetes.

Heidi told DailyMail.com: "I think in this society everyone is looking for a shortcut and a lot of people are taking a shortcut.

"If anybody looks at my life and my journey, it's about hard work and it's not about short-term effects - it's about long-term, healthy effects."

Heidi maintains an "all encompassing lifestyle" that includes a regimented workout routine and a strict diet.

The TV star insisted that her weight-loss achievement is a reflection of her hard work and dedication.

Heidi shared: "People can say whatever they want. They always have about me, they always will.

"But if they know and see what I'm doing on a daily basis, they see it as a lifestyle of working out, eating healthy, and incorporating Hydroxycut."

Earlier this year, Heidi admitted that her beauty standards have evolved over time.

The reality star explained that her idea of the perfect body has changed markedly over the years.

She told Us Weekly: "I used to want skinny legs and the gap in between the thighs - I thought that was such a staple of being fit. Now my opinion of what’s sexy and what’s healthy is so different."

Heidi also revealed that she now feels better than she has in years.

Heidi - who has been married to Spencer Pratt since 2008 - shared: "I love how strong and toned my arms are. It’s been really fun to flex for my husband. I’m like, ‘Yeah, look at these!’ This is the best I’ve ever felt."