Any kind of 'reality' television gets the rumour mill going, as we all realise that 'real life' is so much more interesting than fiction. But when it includes celebrities, it's even more exciting. The Celebrity Big Brother rumour mill has been churning away ferociously over the past couple of days, particularly because three people that have already been tipped as entering the house have landed in London... with no particular other reason to be in Blighty.

Heidi Montag and her husband Spencer Pratt touched down at Heathrow with five enormous bags and one suitcase. While The Mirror think those bags may be a sign that they're not heading into the famed house- contestants can only take one bag in- they may in fact be planning to stay a little longer than the show itself... "or there's going to one almighty pre-launch hissy fit between Spencer and a CBB producer" as the paper noted.

Lindsay Lohan also arrived in London over the weekend amid similar speculation, but her appearance could merely be continuation of her following Max George from The Wanted around. He's on the way to New York today, however, to perform at a New Year's Eve event- which she must have known about. Lindsay is also due in court in the US on January 15th and with the show beginning on January third and going on for much longer than just two weeks, it looks unlikely that she'll be participating. 

Despite no contestants having been announced yet, officially, according to The Mirror Rylan Clark is already the favourite to win the series.