Heidi Range has confirmed Sugababes are still writing new material.

The band - made up of Heidi, Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen - have been on a hiatus since their last single 'Freedom' ended up as a free download, but she admits they will be back at some point in the future.

She said: ''We're all writing in the studio anyway. It's kind of ongoing. But there's no plans to bring anything out this year.

''We've all always written, I've always done that going into bands when I was 18. We've written songs that other people have used and vice versa. You don't worry about that, if the song's not right for you and it's right for someone else, that's a bonus.''

Heidi admits she is aware the original line-up of Sugababes - Keisha Buchanan, Mutya Buena and Siobhan Donaghy - are back together but she is not giving the reunion much attention.

She added to DigitalSpy.co.uk: ''I haven't given it much thought. I know that they are back together - I've known that since last year.''