Couples have different ways of cooling down after a row, but Helen Flanagan and Scott Sinclair’s seems particularly unhealthy. Following the scandal between the model and her footballer boyfriend last Friday, both decided to cool off… by driving of in their respective vehicles. As you might expect, neither of the lovers goes around in a VW – Flanagan rode off in a $100 000 Audi RS8, while Sinclair got into his Ferrari, The Sun reports. “Scott got back from holiday on Friday and the cheating rumours were already flying around. She tore into him and they had a furious row,” a source for the newspaper explains.

Helen Flanagan, Great John Street Hotel
Flanagan wasn't happy to be cheated on.

You can probably tell that this wasn’t exactly a level-headed ride, so it comes as no surprise that both of the scorned lovers eventually got pulled over for speeding – thankfully, before they got into any major trouble. Each of them is now facing a sizeable fine and three points on their license – which, considering the other possibilities, is still a pretty good outcome. Everyone involved is alive, after all.

Helen Flanagan, Scott Sinclair, May Fair Hotel
After the long night, the couple are now officially done.

The relationship, however, wasn’t as lucky. Flanagan has reportedly moved out of the shared £6,500-a-month mansion and ended the 4-year-long romance. It all started apparently, with some raunchy texts between Sinclair and 29-year-old Donatella Panayotou. Now, after one night of shouting matches and furious nighttime drives, both Flanagan and Sinclair are apparently moving on with their lives.

Helen Flanagan, May Fair Hotel
It's probably for the best - for their driving licenses, at least.