Helen Flanagan was confronted by three masked men in her home in Prestbury, near Manchester, and had a number of possessions stolen from her in the process on Monday (June 17) night whilst she was at home by herself. And you thought your Mondays sucked.

The 22-year-old former Coronation Street actress was confronted by the men, who were armed with a screwdriver and a saw (clearly they weren't career criminals) at her home just before midnight. The burglars made off with some items of jewellery and a mobile phone and left Flanagan in a scared state, with police arriving on the scene to collect evidence and question the model/actress about the incident. According to the police report, Helen and a friend were locked in a room in her house by the burglary whilst the raided the house.

"Thieves broke into the detached property and stole items of jewellery and a mobile phone. The investigation into the incident is continuing," a spokesperson for Cheshire Police said to press on Tuesday (June 18) morning, adding that the suspects are wanted for aggravated burglary. A spokesperson for Helen confirmed that she was "shaken" but "coping well."

Earlier that day, Helen had Tweeted, "So super tired today :( which makes me emotional sensitive and mental ha - can't wait to have my bf home x," alerting her followers that she was home alone and giving some people the idea that it was her Tweet that alerted the robbers to come to her house. A police investigation into the robbery is still ongoing.

Sinclair was recently told that after such an arduous first season at Manchester City, he needs to under go shoulder surgery to remove a blood clot. The winger has been forced into the sidelines for the next three months because of the injury.Flanagan meanwhile is working on her post-Coronation Street and I'm A Celebrity... career.

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Flanagan was left shaken after the incident

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Flanagan was at home with a friend during the attack