Helen Flanagan is feeling broody.

The 23-year-old beauty, who is back with her soccer star boyfriend Scott Sinclair, shared a snap on Instagram of her cooing over a friend's baby with the caption: ''Just broody.''

Helen was seen staring at the sleeping tot as he lay in his car seat on a sofa.

Earlier in the day, Helen posted a photograph of the baby boy on his mother's lap, accompanied by the message ''In love with Harvey'' on her account.

The actress - who played Helen Webster in 'Coronation Street' for 12 years before leaving in 2012 - has recently spoken about wanting to become a mother and has set a tentative date of August 7 this year to start trying.

She previously said: ''I want to focus on my career [in 2014], but maybe around my birthday I'll start thinking about it. I've been thinking about it for a while.

''But to sit down and plan is so much harder. When you have a baby you can't do the work I do, but I can be a working mum ... I'll have to give up smoking.''

Helen turns 24 on August 7 and reconciled with Scott, 24, in December last year after an eight-month split following claims he sent racy texts to a TV presenter behind her back.