Helen Flanagan doesn't do things by halves does she? The 22-year-old Coronation Street actress took to Covent Garden in London on Thursday (May 23, 2013) to unveil her new PETA advert. It's safe to say there was absolutely no fur on show, with Flanagan opting for a low-cut white lace basque and skin tight jeans. And that was it. Oh and some heels.

In the new advert, Helen attempts to persuade women to forgo real fur, posing naked and covered only by reptilian body paint. A group of onlookers were visibly bemused by Helen's choice of outfit for the blustery day in London, though Flanagan herself seemed a little taken aback by the PETA shot, staring nervously as it as she posed for pictures, according to the Daily Mail. The tagline for the new campaign reads, "Exotic skins belong in the jungle. Leave wildlife out of your wardrobe."

Flanagan, the newly crowned FHM Sexiest Woman in the UK, said of her PETA work, "Spring is the perfect time to clean the cruelty from our closets.I know when people see PETA's video, they won't want anything to do with the exotic-skins industry and will join me in leaving wildlife out of their wardrobes," according to The Huffington Post.

Helen FlanaganHelen Flanagan In Her Rather Bizarre Choice Of Outfit For The PETA Event

Her bizarre outfit on Thursday came just 24 hours after Flanagan had received high praise for the demure that she wore to the Lorraine High Street Fashion awards. The actress showed up in a black pencil skirt, white high neck top and white bow. See, she does know how to do it properly. 

Helen Flanagan PETAHelen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan Is Shocked By Her Reptillian Inspired PETA Advert

Helen Flanagan
Helene Flanagan Posing With Her PETA Advert

Helen Flanagan
Helen Looking A Little Out Of Place In Covent Garden on Thursday

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan Getting It Right At Lorraine's High Street Fashion Awards

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