Helen Flanagan is quitting smoking before she tries to have children.

The actress and glamour model - who recently reconciled her on/off romance with soccer star Scott Sinclair - has admitted she is getting ''really broody'' but she wants to kick her habit for three months before they try to expand their family.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Yes, I would like to try for a baby in the summer. I've always been really broody. Scott is 100 per cent up for it - he's really happy for us to start a family.

''We talk about it all the time and both really wants children. I'd love to have loads of kids. I am going to quit cigarettes for a good three months before we start trying.''

The former 'Coronation Street' star is also keen to stop smoking because she wants to be a better role model, and wants to be ''as healthy as possible'' before she tries to get pregnant.

She added: ''At the moment I smoke and feel bad about it. Young girls look up to me ad I don't want to promote smoking, or for them to think it's okay because it's not. It's actually pretty disgusting.

''I doesn't smell nice on your clothes and doesn't look ladylike. SO I'm cutting down and smoking electronic cigarettes.

''I will try to be as healthy as possible and detox before we start to try to get pregnant.''