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21st June 2014

Fact: Homeland star Damian Lewis and his wife Helen McCrory will read love poetry to each other at a recital in October (14). The audience will have to guess if the couple, which married in 2007, are reading as professionals or reflecting on their own feelings. Their performance will take place at the Cheltenham Literature Festival in England.

10th September 2013

Quote: "Every time I watch an actress wake up, flick her hair on the pillow, sit up and yawn gorgeously, it doesn't make me think, 'Life is beautiful.' It makes me think, 'I'm so far away from what a woman should look like.' Do I want to watch something that makes me feel lonely and depressed? Or do I actually want to look at the face of, I don't know, Javier Bardem? He, to me, is beautiful, but he's also real. He's also got lines, and you can smell him. That's what I'm attracted to." British actress Helen McCrory prefers movie stars to be flawed.

17th November 2007

Fact: Actress Helen McCrory, who played former British prime minister's wife Cherie Blair in hit movie THE QUEEN, has landed a role in the sixth installment of the Harry Potter franchise, HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE playing evil witch Narcissa Malfoy.

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