Dame Helen Mirren still feels like a "fangirl" around Harrison Ford.

The 77-year-old actress and the 'Star Wars' legend, 81, appeared together in Paramount+ series '1923', having also played husband and wife when they shared the screen in 1986's 'Mosquito Coast'.

Admitting she feels "slightly intimidated" by him even now, she told Saga Magazine: "He'd be mortified to hear me say this because he's such an unintimidating person.

"He is the kindest, most generous, warmest person to be around.

"But still, my fangirl thing is something I can't quite get over, you know, 'Oh my God, it's Harrison Ford!' "

When they last worked together on 'Mosquito Coast', Harrison was already a bona fide Hollywood hunk thanks to his role as Han Solo in the original 'Star Wars' trilogy.

Dame Helen said: "He was a massive, popular movie star, which he's been ever since.

"It's an amazing journey that Harrison has taken through our profession. And to be still up there, where he has been for the past 40 or 50 years, is amazing."

The big screen veteran has had her own unique journey as an actress and she is still striving to take on a variety roles.

She explained: "I just love to find projects that are very different from each other. This year is an absolute case in point, to go from 'Barbie' to 'Golda' to 'Shazam!' to '1923'.

"And some are just for the pure fun of it. Like 'Shazam! Fury of the Gods', I loved the first 'Shazam!' movie.

"I thought it was very funny and I loved the idea of the character that I'm playing - a Roman goddess. I mean, who doesn't want to play a Roman goddess?

"And then other projects, such as 'Golda', are a much more serious undertaking. You're putting your head above the parapet.

"But mostly, it's whatever is different from the last thing I've done."