In probably the most hilarious edition of James Corden's 'Drop The Mic' segment ever, he takes on Hollywood royalty Helen Mirren - and things get pretty personal. She proves on 'The Late Late Show' that with her tight rhymes she will always stay relevent in the entertainment world.

Helen Mirren at the ITV StudiosHelen Mirren at the ITV Studios

Few of us could ever imagine that we'd get to see the 72-year-old Academy Award winner engaged in a tense rap battle, but that's exactly what happened when she met James Corden on his show recently. Needless to say, she wiped the floor with the British host.

As usual, Questlove invited James to kick off the battle, where he wasted no time in comparing her to Meryl Streep and dropping in her former boyfriend Liam Neeson.

'Back home she's considered the actress you have to fear, we're in America now - Meryl Streep lives here', he raps, adding: 'You dated Liam Neeson back in 1982, he left you real quick, he wasn't taken with you.'

Among a critique of James' weight and his hosting abilities (as per usual for his Drop the Mic guests), Helen managed to render James shocked and speechless with the final line in her lyrical response: 'He's obsessed with my exes, sorry James I'm not single, but you know I taught your little mister to tingle.'

James hit back with another comparison, also slamming the role that she is best known for in the process. 'Helen was impressive, that's a real change, played a Queen six times, wow that's real range', he continues. 'See I hit home runs, you should stay on the bench, I'm not playing around, like, you're not Dame Judi Dench.'

'I've played the Queen but also warriors and witches, crimelords and wizards, bosses and b***hes', she fired back. 'Detectives and whores from Oldman to Shakespeare, the only role you ever play is guy who begged to be here.'

Then, after James pointed out some of the movies that she didn't star in ('It's a shame in Harry Potter you never played a teacher, and your role in James Bond - wait, you weren't in that either'), Helen pulled out the big guns with a profanity-laden, super-feminist verse that won her the title of Rap Queen.

'You f**ked up James, you desperate tater tot, a woman's worth isn't credits or who says she's hot', she says. 'Boys' club bulls**t, I'm done with that crap, you're welcome for this headline: Helen Mirren Can Rap.'

'Compare me to Meryl, Judi, Maggie, but why? They're not my competition, they're my ride or die', she fiercely continues. 'See, women are a force to be reckoned with and I reckon I wrecked you, you've been to Hell-en back, b***h.'

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Last year, Helen appeared in 'The Leisure Seeker' and later this year will star in the anthology romance 'Berlin, I Love You' and the biographical horror 'Winchester'. She's also been filming TV drama 'Catherine the Great', the Disney adventure 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms' and Luc Besson's forthcoming thriller 'Anna'.