Helen Mirren has posted a makeup free photo to raise money for an intensive care charity.

Intensive care wards across the country are coping with increased demands for beds amidst the coronavirus pandemic, as the virus - which can cause breathing difficulties in some patients - and the 'Queen' actress wants to give back and is urging others to donate to The Intensive Care Society.

Sharing a link to the donation page, she captioned her photo: ''in return for this pic of me literally first thing in the morning, please donate to the intensive care support ... thanks so much (sic)''

It is not known if Helen herself has made a donation but at the time of writing, the page said that 1120 people have donated so far and raised a whopping £47,338.

On the donations page, the charity have explained how any money will be used to help doctors on the front line.

They shared on the page: ''We look after the sickest patients that need ventilation - breathing for people when they can't breathe for themselves. Intensive Care is the final intervention. Without oxygen, the brain and vital organs starts to deteriorate irreversibly within minutes. The Intensive Care Society is the charity run by and for intensive care doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists and other health professionals treating patients in intensive care. At this time of greatest need our intensive care doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals are working flat out to save ever increasing numbers of patients. Your donations will make a real difference. PLEASE HELP US COPE. We need YOUR MONEY NOW. (sic)''