The Hitchcock cast at the LA Premiere

Hitchcock's leading ladies [L-R]Toni ColletteDame Helen MirrenJessica Biel

Some of Hollywood's most established stars - not least the cast themselves - turned out for the premiere of Hitchcockyesterday (November 20) at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California. It's not surprising that such a dazzling array of talent should take to the red carpet, given that the film effectively honours one of the greatest directors of all time in Alfred Hitchcock. Taking center stage were leading ladies Toni Collete, Jessica Biel and, of course,Dame Helen Mirren- the latter extremely enamoured by Biel's gorgeous dress, struggling to keep her hands off it.

Dame Helen Mirren Hitchcock Premiere

That Dame Helen Mirren knows a good outfit when she sees one, the Oscar winner couldn't keep her hands off Jessica Biel

In addition to the trio of actresses - not to mention director Sascha Gervasi, Michael Wincott, who played Ed Gein, and producer Ivan Reitman who were also in attendance - the evening saw a host of other celebrities turn up, including respected actresses Jamie Lee Curtis and Piper Laurie, The Supremes' Mary Wilson, Mad Men's Jared Harris and Hilton Green, who assisted Hitchcock with much of his work including the legendary Psycho (he also went on to direct all the ropey sequels in the '80s, but we'll forgive him that.) Indeed many of the faces had personal connections to Hitchcock himself; Curtis' mother Janet Leigh was the star of the original Psycho for instance.

Sacha Gervasi at Hitchcock premiereMichael Wincott at Hitchcock Premiere

With lead male Anthony Hopkins absent, it was left to director Sacha Gervasi [Left] and Michael Wincott [Right] to represent Hitchcock's male presence

Helen and Felix Mirren, Hitchcock Premiere

Dame Helen Mirren rather sweetly brought her nephew Felix along to the premiere

However, there were two notable absentees, with Scarlett Johansson and Anthony Hopkins both no-showing the event. Johansson stars as Janet Leigh in the biopic whilst Hopkins of course stars as the main man himself, and their absence did dent the event of some of its star power. Johansson was promoting the film on The David Letterman Show at the time. 

Jamie and Kelly Lee Curtis, Hitchcock PremiereHilton Green, Hitchcock Premiere

Sister Jamie and Kelly Lee Curtis and Hilton Green both had personal connections to Alfred Hitchcock, the evening emotional for them in their own ways

The film hasn't received the multitude of impressive reviews it might've expected, and commercial success this weekend is by no means assured when it hits the US Box Office on Friday (November 23). 

Jessica Biel, Hitchcock Premiere

There was absoutely not competition for outfit of the night; Jessica Biel's stunning black dress making her look every inch the superstar.

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