Batman and Superman are clashing on the big screen in Dawn of Justice, where Henry Cavill’s character faces off against the debuting Ben Affleck. The pair are arguably the two most recognisable superheroes of all time, but as Cavill explains, they’ve always been on opposite sides of the spectrum.

Henry Cavill Batman v Superman Henry Cavill in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

“When it comes down to Batman, Clark, Superman doesn't agree with the way he carries out justice,” Cavill said. “He understands that Batman is trying to do this justice thing, but Clark’s view is entirely different.”

“His view is, go about it in an ethical manner, where Batman is at any cost, inflict justice. So that’s essentially where they come to blows, because they're trying to achieve the same thing through entirely different methods.”

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The film also features the debut of Wonder Woman and Cavill thinks the time is finally right for the heroine to be introduced. “I think now’s the right time to bring Wonder Woman in because we have Superman, we have that baseline.”

“We have the flip side of the coin, which is Batman and we’re missing that third essential piece of the triangle and that is the female power how justice is approached form that direction.” Wonder Woman will be played by Gal Gadot, who will star in her own solo movie next year.

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The hype surrounding the movie has been intense and Cavill can understand why. The actor says he believes comic book movies are still so popular, because people will always be drawn to superheroes as a kind of role model.

“We do need these kind of characters because, ideally they provide a perfect example of what to do and how to be and how to behave, through one perspective or another,” he added. “So they're wonderful characters to compare ourselves against and compare the actions of others against.”

Watch the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice below: