We all love General Zod mincing around in Superman II back in the 80's, however the Zod who Superman must face in the 2013 re-boot Man Of Steel doesn't look he's going to offer any such comedy - instead he's going to bring pestilence, pain and more than a little mass killing. That's unless unassuming Daily Globe journalist Clark Kent's secret alias of Superman can stop him. 

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Zod and his lieutenants are on their way down to planet earth to take vengeance on one of their own kind, who they believe to be hiding on planet Earth. You can guess who that is of course; however this is set during Superman's earlier years, and all he's known is the love of his adopted Texas family. While he knows his super powers, it's only when he finds out that Zod and co will stop at nothing to get at him, even if it means thhe extinction of the planet he's come to call home. 

The clip is pretty thrilling, big on action shots, and offering a glimpse of the Michael Shannon-potrayed Zod, as well, of course, Henry Cavill as Superman. The film's release date is getting ever closer too, with the movie seeing general release next month on June 14th. 

Henry Cavill
The set of Man Of Steel

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill post-Oscars