Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Synder sent the comic book movie world into raptures on Thursday (July 24, 2014) after tweeting a photo of Henry Cavill - aka Superman - dressed in Jedi garb, holding a lightsaber.

Henry Cavill Man of SteelHenry Cavill, the Man of Steel

Posted with the hashtag #SuperJedi, the photo features the Man of Steel himself dressed in black hood, with saber in hand. It's an intriguing little photo which is yet to be explained Synder and comes ahead of the Warner Bros Comic-Co panel. 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - set for 2016 - is the follow up to Man of Steel and sees Ben Affleck replacing Christian Bale as Batman. With The Amazing Spider-Man 3, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Iron 4, Captain America 3 and The Avengers: Age of Ultron all slated for the next couple of years, the comic-book movie world is pretty saturated  - though Snyder believes his movie is unrivalled. 

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"You can talk all you want about other superhero movies," Snyder said of the sequel, "but it's Batman and Superman, let's just be honest. I don't know how you get bigger than that."

Fans attended Comic-Con's preview night in San Diego on Wednesday were treated to the actual Batman costume that Affleck will wear in the forthcoming movie.

The movie is being shot in Metro, Detroit, and stars Cavill, Affleck and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. It is expected to be released on May 6, 2014.