Man of Steel may not have won everyone over yet, but the latest Superman adaption still went on to show that the man from Krypton still knows how to pull in a crowd, with the new film collecting a whopping $125.1 million at the box office in it's opening weekend. This figure now makes Man of Steel the top grossing debut in the month of June, and should this success continue then it could be on course to draw over a billion dollars in ticket sales.

The phenomenal takings for the film means that it has already come close to recouping it's suspected $225 million budget, and as well as being to top grossing film in June of all time (beating Toy Story 3's 2010 record of $110.3 million), it is also the top grossing film that any of the movie's stars have appeared in. That includes Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne and even Russell Crowe, as well as any films that Henry Cavill or Amy Adams have appeared in or director Zack Snyder has worked on, not bad for a film that was so routinely given a hard time by critics in the lead-up to the actual release.

Right now, the film looks as though it could make up the entirety of it's budget within another week, although there has been a trend lately that has seen audience number plummet after first week sales and Man of Steel could be the latest to adhere to the trend. Eitherway, the early signs will probably be enough to encourage Warner Bros. that they have another hit or their way and, therefore, should determine whether we'll see another Superman film at some point. It should also go some way towards deciding whether a Justice League film should be made, which we hope happens with every fibre of our bodies.

There was some distance between Man of Steel and it's nearest rival, with the new comedy This Is The End picking up the number two spot with only $20.5 million - still not a bad total considering it was a mid-week release and has already made back it's $32 million budget. Fast & Furious 6 is still in the box office top five after yet another week of unexplainable success, coming in at number four; whilst Now You See Me and The Purge finished off the top five, taking three and five respectively.

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Amy Henry Man of Steel
Superman and Lois Lane pose for photos at the London premiere

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Shannon plays General Zod