After months and months of anticipation, of dreading or cheering on the new Superman, it’s finally here: Man of Steel hits theatres across America in two days – that’s June 14, if you want to save the date – and most critics already seem to have an opinion on it.

Watch the trailer for Man of Steel

As a Superman film, it’s obviously different – but considering that previous Superman movies haven’t had too much success, that might be a good thing. It’s obvious that Man of Steel is aiming for blockbuster status, instead of just the fading novelty of a comic book adaptation. It’s less cartoonish than any previous adaptation and, with Zach Snyder at the helm and David Goyer and Christopher Nolan on writing duty, Man of Steel clearly bares the darker tones that the team behind Dark Knight love to inject into their work. Our own round up of the reviews is a comprehensive overview of what critics are calling one of the best Superman films to date, albeit one that is occasionally a little too serious for it's own good.

It’s also definitely a superhero movie though, as the final act clearly demonstrates. Hint: in consists mostly of smashing stuff. To be fair, after so many attempts at social commentary and explorations into the life of a superhero, a bit of good ol’ fashion hitting comes as a welcome break. As for Henry Cavill, he does a really good job of portraying the man himself. But we all knew he would from the moment the first stills were released, right?

Henry Cavill, Man of Steel Premiere
Just look at that face.

Henry Cavill, Man of Steel Premiere
Obvious Superman, right?