With Paranormal Activity 4 currently atop the weekend Box Office in the US, the horror franchise has proved that it can still bring in an audience. But is there really any need for a Paranormal Activity 5?

The fourth film in the series has brought in $15 million so far this weekend, with box office experts and analysers predicting that it will end up with a cool $33.5 million by the time the weekend is up. Whilst falling somewhat behind the second film in the franchise in terms of opening takings, and quite some way behind the record-breaking takings of the last film ($54 million), PA4 has still shown that there’s still a lot of money to be made from fake home-movie footage.

With this success, the blog-o-sphere is already being run amok by rumours that a fifth instalment to the horror series is already on the cards, bring up the question; Do we really need a Paranormal Activity 5? Hopefully, the answer will be no, but given the huge profit margin that each film has managed to make - the third, and most expensive, one was made for only $5 million and grossed more than $200 million globally – then all signs point to ‘yes’. After all, why would a studio, especially one in this economic climate, want to turn down such a dream business plan?

So, whether we want it or not, it looks like as though directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman will be keeping things ‘paranormal’ for a few more Halloweens to come, and as long as people keep going to see them, then the more they’ll keep getting churned out.