Rocker Henry Rollins is eyeing a new career as an agony uncle to his army of fans.

The former Black Flag star, 53, announced in 2013 that he had quit his music career, and he remains adamant that it was the right decision as he has got too old to rock.

He is now focused on writing books and performing his spoken-word shows, and he is also branching out to give advice and encouragement to youngsters who write to him.

Rollins tells Mojo magazine, "I am not a rock 'n' roller. My hair is grey. Any 17-year-old male can beat my a** so I must be polite. I get to be the grey-haired commentator, giver of safety advice. 'Youngster, do not self-harm. It is Ok that you're gay.' 'Dear Henry, all my friends drink and I don't wanna and they call me an a**hole.' 'These are people you do not need in your life. Buy the Raw Power album by The Stooges and call me in the morning.'

"That is my role: to be Uncle Henry for young people who write (to) me, to write my books, do my shows and stick up for truth as I see it as best I can."