Punk icon-turned-spoken word performer Henry Rollins can add screenwriter to his impressive resume after penning the script for a new movie project.

The former Black Flag frontman, who will launch his new book, After the Chop, at Los Angeles gallery Mr. Musichead on Friday evening (31May13), has just completed work on his debut screenplay.

The project is still under wraps, but Rollins tells Wenn, "I was on a soundstage on Wednesday doing a day of film work for a project I actually wrote the screenplay for. The thing is actually shooting and there I was saying my own lines in front of a camera, which was pretty cool."

The Johnny Mnemonic star adds, "A group of people came to me about two years ago and said, 'Here's what we're doing and we'd like you to not only be in it but we kind of like the way you write things...' and I said, 'Sure'.

"I have no talent for this whatsoever, but I have enthusiasm, tenacity, desperation and a real desire to not let people down. I loathe to disappoint. The screenplay is kinda done and it's shooting. It's really cool. It's shooting in different countries. I'm just the writer and I did my day of acting, but we are getting it done."