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15th June 2015

Quote: "We're all gonna plunder and pillage and Tokyo and Osaka and Seoul... We've never been there before... What are those four guys gonna do in that strange country, how are they gonna act and react...? It should be a lot of fun." William Shatner attempts to explain the premise of his new reality series, Better Late Than Never, in which he and fellow U.S. TV icon Henry Winkler and sports stars George Foreman and TERRY BRADSHAW attempt to tackle life in Asia.

30th January 2015

Fact: The beach house on Long Island, New York featured in U.S. Tv show Royal Pains as the home of Henry Winkler's character is up for sale for $3.5 million (£2.2 million).

28th March 2014

Fact: Happy Days star Henry Winkler is to be honoured with the inaugural Achievement in Television Excellence Award at the upcoming ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas in June (14).

19th September 2013

Fact: Former Happy Days star Henry Winkler's literary career has been given a big boost - his children's book franchise, Hank Zipzer: The Worlds' Greatest Underachiever, is to be turned into a Bbc series. Winkler, who based the tales on his experiences growing up with dyslexia, will star in the show, which is set to air in Britain next year (14). The actor/author will play a teacher called Mr. Rock in the 13-part series.

11th October 2012

Quote: "I hope that she is able to come to terms with it. She has greatness in her... She was like my little daughter." Actor Henry Winkler responds to reports suggesting his Happy Days co-star Erin Moran is homeless and broke and living in Indiana.

30th October 2011

Tweet: "My friend Henry Winkler's B-Day Have a great one Henry. Give your fam a hug from me." Director Ron Howard sends birthday wishes to his pal Henry Winkler, who turns 66 on Sunday (30Oct11).

18th October 2011

Quote: "Can I just thank the Queen... this is just the greatest thing... Can I just say I love this a lot..." Actor Henry Winkler was overwhelmed to receive an honorary Order of the British Empire (Obe) medal from British monarch Queen Elizabeth II.

18th October 2011

Quote: "My daughter is having her first child and so I need to be home for that." American actor Henry Winkler has shunned offers to star in a traditional pantomime in Britain this Christmas (11), because he is set to become a grandfather over the festive season.

15th August 2011

Quote: "I always put back whatever I catch. I don't even eat a trout in a restaurant. Look how beautiful they are! And you'll notice there's a rainbow going right down the centre of it." Former Happy Days star Henry Winkler refuses to feast on the colourful fish.

14th August 2011

Quote: "He's amazing, I just got an email from him yesterday just kind wishing me luck with (new movie) The Help... and just checking in about everything. But he checks in more than my parents. He really does." Actress Bryce Dallas Howard is close to her godfather Henry Winkler.

24th February 2011

Quote: "If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I'm coming back as Bruce Springsteen." Happy Days star Henry Winkler wants to come back as his rock hero.

23rd November 2010

Quote: "Do not snap your fingers at girls when you're not on television... You're in a brace for about two or three weeks." Henry Winkler urges Happy Days fans not to copy one of his character, THE FONZ's, traits.

22nd November 2010

Fact: Former Happy Days star Henry Winkler played proud grandfather when he appeared on news show Access Hollywood Live on Monday morning (22Nov10) - he offered up footage of his granddaughter India's first steps, which he'd downloaded to his iPhone, and the sweet clip was beamed across America live.

1st December 2009

Quote: "The producer of GREASE came on the set of Happy Days and said, 'Would you play Danny?' I said, 'No thank you.' So I went home and had a soda. John Travolta did the part - he went home and bought a plane. I now know never to say no again." Henry Winkler laughs about turning down the lead role in Grease.

19th August 2008

Fact: Happy Days star Henry Winkler has been immortalised in statue form. A life-size figure, which depicts the actor as his beloved TV character The Fonz, was unveiled on Tuesday (19Aug08) in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin at a ceremony attended by Winkler and some of his Happy Days co-stars. The show was set in the city.

28th May 2008

Fact: A bronze statue of actor Henry Winkler's Happy Days character ARTHUR 'FONZIE' FONZARELLI will be erected in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 19 August (08).

20th March 2008

Fact: Former Happy Days star Henry Winkler hosted Oscar-winning pal Marlee Matlin's 1993 wedding to police detective KEVIN GRANDALSKI.

28th February 2008

Fact: Morgan Freeman and former Happy Days star Henry Winkler once played fast-food diner kitchen co-workers in a cranberry juice TV commercial at the beginning of their careers.

9th January 2007

Quote: "Wanna know what else Fonzie taught me? Do not snap your fingers at women. It might work on television but in the real world? Oh, they do not like it." Actor Henry Winkler shares lessons learned playing ARTHUR 'FONZIE' FONZARELLI in hit TV sitcom Happy Days.

23rd July 2006

Quote: "I went home and I got the DVD of Happy Days from the first season and I saw the whole thing and it's amazing. I love it. Now I'm, like, shy around my godfather, who's Henry Winkler (THE FONZ)." Ron Howard's daughter Bryce Dallas Howard on checking her father's Happy Days TV series recently.

24th January 2006

Fact: <p>THE VILLAGE star Bryce Dallas Howard's godfather is actor Henry Winkler, who co-starred with her father, Ron Howard, on Happy Days. </p>

8th September 2005

Fact: <p>Happy Days are here again on the set of hit comedy ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - SCOTT BAIO will replace former sitcom co-star Henry Winkler on the show, which is narrated by another ex-Happy Days regular Ron Howard. </p>

25th August 2005

Fact: <p>HAPPY DAYS star Henry Winkler is back on the Paramount soundstage where he played THE FONZ on TV almost 20 years after the cult sitcom wrapped shooting new comedy show OUT OF PRACTICE. </p>

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