Hilaria Baldwin drove three hours to get to a hospital because she thought she was in labour - only to drive all the way back home again.

The 36-year-old health and wellness expert is currently expecting her fifth child with her husband Alec Baldwin - with whom she already has Carmen, seven, Rafael, five, Leonardo, three, and Romeo, two - and said she recently went through a false alarm in which she thought she was going into labour.

Hilaria joked she should have known she wasn't in labour after having ''a million kids'', but said she has been ''trying to anticipate labour even sooner'' than usual, because the coronavirus pandemic means her nearest hospital is a three hour drive away.

She wrote on Instagram: ''I've had a million kids but drove three hours to the doctor today because I thought maybe I was in labor. You'd think I'd know by now but with living so far from the hospital due to Covid, I'm trying to anticipate labor even sooner. Literally was there for 10 mins and had to drive three hours back home because I was not in labor. I'm wiped. (sic)''

Meanwhile, the beauty recently hinted her fifth child may not be her last, as she said she'll stop having kids ''eventually''.

She said: ''Eventually we will stop''.

Hilaria - who is also stepmother to Alec's daughter Ireland, 24, whom he has with ex-wife Kim Basinger - loves the fact her household is filled with ''so much love'' and insisted having more children doesn't mean there's less to go around.

She shared: ''The best thing about having a big family is there's just so much love.

''They say when you have one kid, you're like, 'I could never love another person as much as I love this kid.' Then you have another one and you realise you can. And that doesn't change as you have more and more and more.''