Hilaria Baldwin will stop having kids ''eventually''.

The 36-year-old star already has four children - Carmen, six, Rafael, five, Leonardo, three, and two-year-old Romeo - with husband Alec Baldwin and also another baby on the way, but the yoga instructor has suggested they still haven't finished adding to their family.

She said: ''Eventually we will stop''.

Hilaria loves the fact her household is filled with ''so much love'' and insisted having more children doesn't mean there's less to go around.

She shared: ''The best thing about having a big family is there's just so much love.

''They say when you have one kid, you're like, 'I could never love another person as much as I love this kid.' Then you have another one and you realise you can. And that doesn't change as you have more and more and more.''

Although Hilaria - who is also stepmother to Alec's adult daughter Ireland - plans to stop having kids one day, she loves being surrounded by so much energy on a daily basis, because ''there's always something exciting going on''.

The fitness guru also feels her children have helped her amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to People magazine, she explained: ''I'm really grateful for my kids having playmates in the house during this time when they have to social distance from most people in their lives.

''So it's been really lovely and I feel very grateful. The gratitude is what is getting us through absolutely every single day.

''We're so lucky in so many ways - number one, having our health, having our family, my family having their health.''

Hilaria - who has been married to Alec, 62, since 2012 - thinks it's important to remain ''patient and together'' during the ongoing crisis.

She said: ''You really just [have to say], 'Hey, we're gonna hunker down and we're gonna wait this out. We're gonna give time for all the experts and scientists and doctors to figure out what our next move needs to be. And in that time, we need to be patient and together.'''