Hilaria Baldwin claims her ''day never ends.''

The 31-year-old yoga instructor, who has 23-month-old daughter Carmen and six-week-old son Rafael with actor husband Alec Baldwin, admits being a mother of two is much more difficult than she imagined.

The brunette beauty said: ''My day never ends. It never begins and it never ends, because I'm up every two hours with him and he sleeps in bed with us.''

But Hilaria says Carmen isn't jealous of the new addition to their family and helps out as much as she can.

She told E! News: ''She's pretty good. She has moments where she's like the best big sister ever, where she's like taking care of him and helping bathe him and change his diaper, and then she has moments where I'm not allowed to feed him or touch him. We go between the two.''

Hilaria, who hopes to have one more baby in the future, previously admitted her children already have very different personalities.

She said: ''He's very different from Carmen. Before Carmen was born, I bought the cutest little girl clothes, but she hated being naked so much that I never wanted her to wear any of it! Rafael is very calm. I can change him as many times as I want. He's a little poser - he puts his hands behind his head and stretches out. Carmen has a fiery personality and this little guy is like, 'I'll do whatever you want me to do, Mom!' ''