Hilaria Baldwin is teaching her children to ''outgrow bad behaviour''.

The 'Living Clearly Method' author has four children - Carmen, six, Rafael, five, Leonardo, three, and Romeo, two - with her husband Alec Baldwin, and has said she's keen to get them stop ''hitting, name-calling, and spitting'' before they get older and start to act up more regularly.

Hilaria - who is currently expecting her fifth child with Alec - said: ''You want to be inside the situation and be present for them, but you want to be outside enough to give them the perspective of what's really going on. My goal is not to deal with my ego [or] force the: 'I'm so angry at you right now.' My goal is to have them outgrow bad behaviour ... the hitting, the name-calling, the spitting.''

The 36-year-old star wants to give her kids ''a little bit of space'' to deal with their emotions, and says she's keen to let her brood throw tantrums without giving in to their demands.

Hilaria recalled a specific example in which her youngest son Romeo tried hitting his siblings with a ''gigantic stick'' at the beach, and got upset when she took the stick away from him.

She added to Us Weekly magazine: ''My husband was alarmed at the moment because he was just like, 'He's going to hurt himself.' I was just like, 'There's sand. He's not going hurt himself.' You have to give them a little bit of space. And then, when he's ready, give him a hug and then distract him.''

Meanwhile, Hilaria previously admitted she finds it ''really tough'' in quarantine with her family amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: ''It's really tough. I want to prepare the night before and then have it all set up for them. You're getting curriculum from other people, so you're trying to teach something that somebody else is telling you to teach. I'm trying to understand that and that I found to be challenging. But we're figuring it out ... I've heard some intense conversations from people that are like, 'Oh my God, I'm going to kill my person right now, it's too much!' We typically spend so much time together that this is really not abnormal.''