Lizzie McGuire is back! Well, not really, but Hilary Duff as a musician is back. And that's even better. The 26 year old actress/singer has kept it low key on the music front for quite a long time. Her last album, Dignity, was released all the way back in 2007, and it feels like a million years ago that her music videos were huge on TRL. Luckily, some good news: her comeback single, ‘Chasing the Sun,’ is expected to arrive very soon.

Hilary Duff Staples CenterHilary Duff's new single, 'Chasing the Sun,' will debut soon

Duff's been working on her new tunes for years, saying that she hopes to get back into music before movies again. "I would love to do mainstream movies again. Before that, I will be spending a lot of time in the studio making a new record. I really miss being on tour, recording, and creating new music," she said in 2012. However, despite all the studio time and work with producer/songwriters Matt Squire and Boys Like Girls singer Martin Johnson, not even a clip has been revealed thus far.

So, what's the deal with 'Chasing the Sun' exactly, and what's it expected to sound like? Since it's her big returning single, you can bet that it's aiming to be a chart topper, and who better than superstar Ed Sheeran to lend a hand writing it? That's right - Sheeran worked with Duff just a few months ago on her upcoming record set for release this fall. What's Ed think of the new-look Hilary? "She's more grown up now, so it's more of an adult alternative acoustic sound," he told MTV. When asked for his thoughts on the new single, he just simply called it "a good song." Classic Ed. Though we've got no insight as to which genre 'Chasing the Sun' will fall under, the adorable single art depicts a cartoon airplane flying a banner that says "Hilary Duff" during a sunset with the single title plastered up top. By the color scheme and overall feel of it, it's likely that this track is going to have a perfect summertime feel to it.

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