Hilary Duff wants to make a new album.

The former 'Lizzie McGuire' star has revealed she is itching to get back into the studio and give fans new music but admitted she's not ready just yet, as she wants to make sure what she puts out into the world is "authentic" to her current situation.

The mother-of-three - who has son Luca, nine, with ex-husband MIKE COMRIE, and daughters Banks, three, and Mae, nine months, with spouse Matthew Koma - told Cosmopolitan: "I'm not working on music right now but I have been talking to my husband about getting into the studio and starting to stretch the muscles a little bit.

"I really want to, but I need time to figure out what I'm saying, what kind of record I'm making, and who it’s for.

"But, yes, I want to.

"You know how annoying it is to go to a concert, and they don't play the hits? I want to serve people what they want, but I also want it to be authentic to who I am now, and that's very complicated."

The 'So Yesterday' singer's husband is a singer, songwriter, DJ and record producer, who penned Grammy-winning hit 'Clarity' by Zedd.

Hilary's last studio album was 2015's 'Breathe In. Breathe Out.'

Elsewhere in the interview, the 'How I Met Your Father' star revealed her daughter Banks is obsessed with her 2015 track 'Sparks' and always demands she plays it on the way to preschool, much to her embarrassment.

She shared: “I can’t get away from ['Sparks'] because someone exposed my three-year-old to it.

“We get in the car, and I have to listen to my own music because my daughter’s screaming, ‘I want ‘parks, I want ‘parks.’ I’m rolling up to her preschool, and every time I turn it way down she’s like, ‘Why do you turn it off? Why you turn it off?’ Like, girl. I’m not rolling up to your preschool blasting my own s***. So embarrassing.”