When 12.01.2012

Actress and singer Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire; A Cinderella Story; Cheaper By The Dozen) and her husband, ice hockey player MIKE COMRIE, take their dogs to the park. The heavily pregnant star strolls casually, holding a cup of coffee, while their dogs - a terrier and a Bernese mountain dog - run ahead of them. The photographers keep a respectable distance away throughout, as Hilary and Mike return to their car and open up the boot for the dogs to jump in.

Hilary is currently filming She Wants Me, a comedy which will also star Josh Gad and troubled actor Charlie Sheen as himself. She Wants Me is about a writer working on his new film, who gets into a predicament when a role intended for his girlfriend is eyed up by a Hollywood starlet (Duff)


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