Review of Uneasy Listening Vol. 1 Album by HIM

Delightfully lavish packaging, and a nice concept - alternative remixes of some of HIM's biggest tunes. It's not hard to imagine who the target audience for this collection are. Unless the remixes are truly groundbreaking in their style or content, it's always going to be the fans that will be interested in any package like this.

HIM Uneasy Listening Vol. 1 Album

So, casting aside childish moans about how HIM are simply a dodgy goth Bon Jovi, let us explore the content based upon the assumption that we like HIM shall we?

Opening up with a tender, sweeping piano-led mix of The Sacrament brings an instant sense of pleasure. Remixes of anything can be distinctly hit or miss. This is a lavish hit for sure.

The album continues with this trend in terms of quality. An acoustic version of The Funeral of Hearts will surely bring a gentle tear to the eyes of those black clad hordes.

Perhaps the only criticism that could be levelled at this set of tunes is that none of them fulfil the need for the obvious hard dance mix. No, this is a much too clever, subtle and well thought out selection of alternative mixes for that.

Rich Edge

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