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Zooey Deschanel Reveals Pressures Of Recording Disney Theme For Pooh

The actress Zooey Deschanel has been talking to TheWrap about the pressures associated with writing a theme tune for a Disney soundtrack. She was initially asked to record a new version of 'Pooh'. The original...

German Record Label Gun Closes

A German record label credited with discovering BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and HIM has closed. Great Unlimited Noises - also known as GUN - was launched in 1992 as a joint venture between music giant BMG...

Valo: 'I Was Beaten Up By A Girl'

HIM frontman VILLE VALO was almost forced to cancel his band's first major American tour after his ex-girlfriend beat him up. The 30-year-old rocker was given a black eye by his former partner and suffered...

Valo Depressed By Songwriting

HIM rocker VILLE VALO is considering quitting the music industry because songwriting turns him into a suicidal wreck. The Finnish rocker admits penning his band's dark songs drives his depression and he can only envy...

Valo Drinks To Ease Attacks

HIM frontman VILLE VALO became an alcoholic after he discovered drinking helped him cope with the panic attacks he began suffering while working in the studio. The 29-year-old Finnish star refers to himself as an...

Valo Slams Rock Fans Afraid To Embrace Him

HIM frontman VILLE VALO has slammed his band's detractors as macho chauvinists living in the past. The Finnish rocker believes the reason why so many rock fans dislike HIM is simply because they are...

Valo Victim Of Drug-assisted Robbery

HIM frontman VILLE VALO fell victim to a brazen robbery after his drink was spiked in a Minneapolis, Minnesota, bar during his recent US tour - and he has vowed to stay sober ever since....

Valo: 'Rock Should Be Sexy'

HIM frontman VILLE VALO is thrilled with his randy reputation - and he insists the "stench of eroticism" in music should be encouraged. The Finnish rocker believes having a sexy image is intrinsic to...

Him Enjoy Group Masturbation

Finnish metal band HIM prefer to indulge in group masturbation sessions rather than succumb to the allure of groupies, because they are scared of bedding a transsexual by mistake. Frontman VILLE VALO claims that...


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