Former Hole rocker Patty Schemel is celebrating seven years of sobriety, insisting she's "far away from" her drug-taking days now.
The rocker had a heroin habit that spiralled out of control at the height of her fame and admits it took the death of bandmate Kristen Pfaff in 1994 to prompt her to seek help.
She tells WENN, "For me it was the point of feeling that the drugs had really stopped working for me. I took drugs and alcohol as my go-to to feel less fearful or less stressed... Eventually after a while it just stopped working for me.
"After I'd lost everything I loved, including Kristen and what was important, I eventually turned it around to asking for help and got into a programme.
"I'm clean and sober now for seven years. I'm grateful that I'm far away from it now. My life is a lot different."
Sober Schemel is now a filmmaker after turning her home video footage of her heyday, including candid moments with bandmate Courtney Love and her late husband Kurt Cobain, into new documentary Hit So Hard.