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19th June 2015

Quote: "The first time that I ever met Al (Pacino) was interesting. He presented me with my Oscar at the Academy Awards, so that was, like, the coolest way to meet anybody. Of course he's iconic, he's very intimidating because he is. He's delivered some of the most iconic, unforgettable, brilliant performances in our lives. He's a reference point for all of us." Actress Holly Hunter was intimidated to work with actor Al Pacino in new movie MANGLEHORN.

31st January 2011

Quote: "Susan's floor is dripping with awards; I've been in that bathroom and there's a chunk of awards." Holly Hunter on visiting fellow Oscar winner Susan Sarandon's guest bathroom, where the Dead Man Walking star keeps all her accolades.

30th June 2008

Quote: "I grew up in Georgia, so I grew up around guns. There were many guns in the house. No one ever got hurt." Actress Holly Hunter reveals her dangerous Southern roots helped build her tough-girl persona.

31st May 2007

Quote: "The script opens with her having rocking sex, fully nude. She wants to have an orgasm. That's virtually her first line... I thought, 'OK, this is unusual.'" Holly Hunter on the shocking start to her new U.S. TV series Saving Grace.

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