Holly Valance is using pictures of her dream wedding dress to help her to lose weight.

The actress-and-singer is hoping to be in incredible shape for her upcoming wedding to businessman Nick Candy and is keeping photographs of some of her potential wedding gowns nearby at all times to inspire her to remain on a strict diet.

A source said: ''She keeps pictures of her dream wedding dress around in case she's wavering. She hates not being able to enjoy herself at posh restaurants with Nick and she's treated herself a couple of times but she's doing really well.

''Holly is a self-confessed food addict and will always struggle but she's hoping to maintain it.''

While Holly is watching what she eats and has already dropped 10lbs in six weeks, she insists she doesn't want to lose her famous curves.

The source added: ''Holly doesn't want to be skinny but she'd like to lose a little more weight. She finds dieting horrific because she just loves food but she felt bloated before - now she's really noticed a difference in her skin and energy levels.''