Busty TV presenter Holly Willoughby shows off an unflattering panty line in her sheer rose-coloured dress outside the Royal Festival Hall at the BAFTA Tv awards on Sunday (May 27, 2012). As disastrous as the fashion faux pas was, we probably wouldn't have even noticed had it not been for the fact that lusty Leigh Francis' oversexed alter ego Keith Lemon had dived in for a shameless grope when Holly and her 'Celebrity Juice' opponent and best friend Fearne Cotton had their backs turned for photos.
At least it's proof that even curvy wardrobe conscious TV stars make the odd clothing blunder and Holly's cheeks will no doubt be as pink as her dress when she spots the evidential photos swarming the net! Especially since she expressed her excitement for the jewel encrusted ensemble on Twitter with the comment 'Just got my dress for Bafta... Vote... If you like... CelebJuice ... Oosh.I think we know what people will be voting now!"
Fearne's shimmering golden dress on the other hand was far too loose to have a visible panty line; in fact, it was almost too loose for much of Fearne herself to be visible. The only question is which extreme is the most unfortunate?