The 'website' Fame Daddy and the recent bit of exposure it has received in both The Sun and The Telegraph as well as on ITV's This Morning, has not only proved to be a hoax but also a promotional campaign for an upcoming comedy show due to air on Channel 4.

The 'boss' of the organisation - a sperm clinic that only stocks the seeds of the rich and famous - Dan Richards appeared on This Morning on Tuesday (Oct 16) to explain to hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield the idea behind the organisation and how individuals and couples could buy sperm belonging to big name celebrities including professional athletes, Oscar-winning actors and rock stars. Today (Oct 19), the channel issued an apology for it's mistake in thinking that it was in fact a real organisation and no doubt rued the fact that it had handed a rival TV station a valuable chunk of exposure for free.

The full details for Fame Daddy - the TV show - have not been revealed yet, however the show is currently putting together a number of promotional videos to go with the recent press exposure it has been given. This includes a Twitter account, which has admitted to the site being a hoax now, and a video clip recently uploaded to YouTube (on Oct 18) that has clearly been done for comedic value.