Holy Fuck, Interview at Leeds Festival

01 September 2008

Holy Fuck -  Interview at Leeds Festival

Holy Fuck - Interview at Leeds Festival

Holy Fuck Interview at Leeds Festival

How do festival shows compare with your own headline slots?
Brian Borcherdt: I think we really enjoy doing both to be honest. I mean, a lot of our shows are like club shows anyway so in a way you're playing to a similar kind of audience except festival crowds are bigger. We could find as much joy in either!

The main difference between club and festival shows being a lack of a soundcheck, yeah?
Matt Schulz: We felt like a piece of meat today walking out into a trap and then something came along and swooped us up in the air.
Brian Borcherdt: You don't really get time to prepare for it so you end up having to make do, and that's what we did and it was fun but yeah, certainly having no soundcheck can be a challenge.

I get the impression Holy Fuck like a challenge.
Graham Walsh: I think last night's Reading warm-up party was definitely a challenge!
Brian Borcherdt: We did this pre-festival kick off type show for Club NME and it was difficult to get people interested in us but by the end of the set we had them dancing so we must have done something right..in their eyes at least!
Graham Walsh: I think its all about the dynamic with this band. I mean, anyone can do something that's different and accept some form of challenge no matter how ridiculous it may be. For us though, we do this all of the time, and if people's perceptions of Holy Fuck change as a result then I guess the challenge aspect has been a success.
Brian Borherdt: Sometimes though I do wonder if we'd be better off as a cover band. I thought last night looking at the audience when we went on stage that this was never going to work, and even though we pulled it off at the end I know they'd have liked us more had we played covers of their favourite songs!

You played a mid-afternoon set today at Leeds. It seemed somewhat early for a band like Holy Fuck, no.?
Brian Borcherdt: We're ready to party any time dude!
Graham Walsh: I'm still messed up from last night.

Your music is difficult to define or categorise in any genre specific terms. A good thing I guess?
Brian Borcherdt: Yeah we like that. We're not trying to do any one thing although I guess it would be fair to say we are beat orientated but without the normal structure of a song. I mean, there is melody but not in a traditional sense.I like what bands like Fuck Buttons and Battles are doing for example, people that don't necessarily fit in, if that makes sense. I think if we ever became identified with a genre that would be the moment where I'd have to go "Oh No.we've got to change something!".

I guess your unique in that you're accessible for different elements of the rock, dance and indie fraternity yet by the same token completely inaccessible for radio listeners.
Brian Borcherdt: Yeah they should just go and build a special stage for us somewhere in the middle of the field where everyone has to pass at least once an hour and that would be our place!

As one of the few genuinely true experimental bands around at the minute, surely there must be some kind of structure you aim for?
Graham Walsh: Not so much a structure; its more of a process.
Brian Borcherdt: Holy Fuck is born out of improvisation. That's how you find those interesting bits.

But what gave you the desire to start making music in this way in the first place?
Brian Borcherdt: Honestly? Fun, because whether you see it as a hobby or career or whatever, I think just the fact you're able to interact with a group of friends and have fun doing something you all love is the best form form of enjoyment. I mean, there's a kind of sincerity in what we're doing because every collaboration we make, whether as a combined Holy Fuck record or just doing our various offshoots and side-projects basically just comes out of us having a good time together.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
Brian Borcherdt: We're coming back to the UK in October. At the same time we're also going to be recording pretty much constantly between now and early 2009.
Matt Schulz: .recording and touring is pretty much what we write every day in our diaries!
Brian Borcherdt: This year definitely. We started out this year without any expectations but 2008 has turned out to be our hardest working year so far, so I guess it only makes sense to keep things organised now until the end of the year.
Matt Schulz: .and then we'll go and do it all over again next year!
Brian Borcherdt: I predict 2010 is gonna be mellow!

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