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12th February 2015

Quote: "I hadn't seen him for years and years but I saw him a year and a half ago at a Martin Mull art opening and he came towards me (with open arms) and said, 'Mummy!' And I said, 'Baby!' And my husband, who's usually cool about these things, said, 'Ok get together, we're taking a picture'. It was sweet. He was living in Paris at the time. He looked lovely. He was doing really well. I was happy to see him." Home Alone actress Catherine O'Hara on running into her onscreen son Macaulay Culkin in France.

21st February 2013

Fact: Home Alone star Daniel Stern has been cast as Christina Ricci's father in much-anticipated new Tv comedy Girl in a Coma. The Addams Family star Ricci will play a woman who wakes from a 17-year coma and learns she's the mother of a teenage daughter. iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove has already been cast as the young child.

13th March 2012

Fact: The Chicago mansion featured in the Home Alone franchise has sold for $1.5 million (£1 million). It was used as the home to Macaulay Culkin's onscreen family the MCCallisters.

3rd July 2011

Fact: Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin showed off his vocal talents at a karaoke lounge in Billings, Montana on Saturday night (02Jul11) when he belted out a rendition of Frank Sinatra classic, My Way.

5th May 2011

Fact: The mansion featured in the Home Alone film franchise is on the market for $2.4 million (£1.5 million). The 1920s colonial Georgian property, which was home to Macaulay Culkin's onscreen family the MCCallisters, is located in Winnetka, Illinois.

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